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Benefits of a Photography Website + 7 Best Photography website examples

Are you a photographer, waiting for recognition? Well, first, you need a website, a photography website. Like any other website, it describes your services and blogs.

On a photography website, you’ll post pictures, of course, but that’s not all. By creating a website for your skills, people will find you easily. Make bookings and schedule shoots efficiently on your photography website.

Now you can click and post pictures without running out of space. Let me give you a few more concrete reasons to prove my statement.

5 Benefits of Creating a Photography Website

 1. Promote your Portfolio.

Every photographer wants their work recognized. It is a vast world out there, and reaching out to people has never been simpler. Setting up a photography website will allow people to reach you.

Once they land on your website, they want to know more about you. Your website serves as your portfolio. Visitors would like to see the pictures you click and what projects you take on.

Your portfolio may also mention your journey as a photographer. Sharing practice as a photographer increases credibility. On your photography website, visitors believe when they see.

You must consider this website your wall of fame. With every good picture, your reach will increase. Establishing your website is just he beginning. A photography website will connect you to millions on the web.

Promote your portfolio through photography website

2. Schedule online.

Once your photography website is up and running, clients will get to you. Interested clients will want to approach you. Your photography website should have a calendar to block their dates.

With online scheduling software, you can link a calendar to your site to record events. With this solution, clients won’t have to wait to call and book an appointment.

It reduces the hassle in connecting with you. The easier it is to communicate with you, the more clients you can afford. Clients appreciate flexibility and accessibility that online scheduling provides.

They can browse through the calendar and choose the most suitable date for the both of you. Your schedule will show the unavailable dates and the free ones. With such liberty, any client will be eager to shoot with you.

photography website for scheduling online work

3. Advertise on social media.

Photographers have a social media page on every platform. Be it Facebook or Instagram; your photography page is everywhere. Advertise by adding your website link on social media pages.

This attempt will take your followers to your website that has more details about you. Social media is a place to post pictures, but a photography website does more.

Having your site on every page, your followers need not search much. Leading them straight to your photography website increases footfall. There are endless ways to advertise on social media.

A simple photograph with your website link will draw them to your work. Social media may be where you started as a photographer. A website will make you look like a pro.

With a photography website, you can turn a hobby into a business.

Advertise your photography website on social media

4. Client interaction.

Your photography website is the first stop for anyone who wants to know you. A visitor turns into a client if it is easy to approach you.

With the scheduling feature and eminent work profiles, clients are free to choose. Your photography website reflects yourself. Succeeding in conveying that message makes all the difference.

Clients can check your social media pages or your projects to know more. If your photography website has a chat feature that will do wonders. Clients feel free to drop a text and start a conversation.

This way, you get to know more about your client to deliver the best results. Keep client interaction formal, and your chat window should discuss business alone.

For further communication, your website will have your social media handles and contact details.

photography website for client interactions

 5. Branding yourself.

Branding is not just selling something but the emotion associated with it. If you are a wedding photographer, your photography website must reflect the same feel.

A dull website does no good, even if the pictures are great. To brand yourself, you must adopt a style that matches that of your client. When they realize your style resembles theirs, they won’t hesitate to choose you.

It is of prime importance that you define your work. Every picture can tell a story, and a well-told story sells. For example, your story as a photographer will help communicate your style.

A wide range of projects can also help identify your style. When clients see varied projects, they rest assured that you are an experienced photographer.

Experience comes with every project, and each one teaches you something new.

Amy Deputy a photography website that reflects its brand

7 Best Photography Website Examples

 1. Expert Vagabond

Expert vagabond a photography website

Expert Vagabond is the best site to inspire travel photographers. This photography website is the answer to all travel photography doubts.

Like, ‘what gear to use’ and ‘how to make money with travel photography.’ This expert website gives you tips on all things to do with travel photography.

2. Peta Pixel

petapixel, photography blogging site

Peta pixel gives you news on everything related to photos. From articles by photographers to incredible pictures, this website is a good source. It also has reviews on the latest gadgets for photography.

3. 500px

500 px, photography site

500px is an online community of photographers. If you are a beginner or a pro, this place welcomes all. Here you can share, like, and comment on pictures and receive critiques on yours as well. It is an excellent way to learn and grow together as a community.

4. Peter Mckinnon

Photography website example

Peter Mckinnon is a photographer and videographer based out of Toronto, Canada. He uses Youtube as his source to post tutorials, teaching you photography in a fun way. His photography website clearly states his style and job.

5. Pedro N the World

pedro n the world an elegant photography website

Pedro excels in emotive pictures. His photography website is full of meaningful, thought-provoking photos yet beautiful. He has an array of images that focus on a social cause, but the message conveyed is so beautiful. Indeed the best pictures you will see.

6. Twogether Studios

Twogether photgraphy business website

Twogether Studio is a boutique candid wedding photography studio. Run by Arjun and Praerna Kartha, this studio specializes in upbeat and fun shoots for modern couples. Their website is full of exciting pictures, and they also conduct workshops.

7. Neeta Shankar Photography Private Limited

Neeta Shankar photography website leading in India

Nikon India’s Brand ambassador, Neeta Shankar, specializes in wedding photography. Her website has beautiful wedding pictures. An exciting feature on her website is the testimonials. It increases the credibility of this photographer.


We see so many pictures daily, but the best ones are the ones that stay with us. Your photography website is a source to present those pictures to a broader audience.

You must remember that your website is not just a place to display your photographs but also to speak about yourself. You may add blogs to your pictures and tell a story that moves hearts.

Share your experience during shoots, with the world. Help beginners learn from you and build your credibility. All these efforts will make your photography website the most desired one.

It’s time to let pictures do the talking.

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