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15 Best Educational Web Design Inspirations for 2020

Before selecting an educative institution, we visit their website. In such a case, your website becomes the first impression. To make it last, here are 15 web design inspirations worth considering.

These web design inspirations are sure to give your websites that extra push. These websites are a combination of info and visual data. Executing information with exciting features and layouts is the trick.

Let’s dive deeper into each one.

15 Best Web Design Inspirations

1. The New Digital School

The New Digital School a Web Design Inspiration

The New Design School (TNDS) is a design institution. It provides a different approach to design education. They teach design using a unique method that is student-oriented.

Their website is the perfect example of a unique design approach. The featured image header stands in support of its motto. The CTA- ‘Apply Now’ is diagonal to the logo.  Such positioning gives your eye a direction to move.

Using sliders to show their history keeps the user engaged. Text is limited and to the point. Ample negative space adds to the neatness of the website. TNDS website is truly an outstanding web design inspiration.

2. Ross School

The Ross School website

This web design inspiration presents maximum info with varying layouts.  The Ross School uses layouts and effects to make the site interactive.

The header is a featured video with a text overlay. Following, are solid colored thumbnails that lead you to further information. Following is a video and its mission statement. Right under the report is your CTA- Inquire or Apply.

The website has multiple sections. Like the grid layouts for their social media pages and curriculum. Sliders for their videos and Faculty introduction. This website uses visual mediums more than text.

3. Wellington College

Wellington College a web design inspiration in its industry

For starters, their header features a video with changing text overlay. If you look closely, the header incorporates the navigation menu. The corners of the headers are the different pages on this website. Click on them, and they direct you to the page.

This website focuses more on what the management wants to tell you. ‘The Master’s welcome’ is the headmaster telling you why they’re the best.

Lastly, they include a contacts section with their social media icons and quick links to get you information. It is one of the best web design inspirations for an educational website.

4. Bronx Charter School of the Arts

Bronx Charter School of the Arts

This web design inspiration comes with a parallax effect. Bronx Charter School of Arts uses this effect to the best of its ability.

The name at the top-left corner adopts the logo in the center as you scroll. The following sections are about their mission and services. Next, sliders of featured images with text overlay form a zig-zag layout.

These sliders are in the colors of the ARTS logo. It makes the respective alphabets blend in as you scroll to each slider. There’s enough negative space to make your text the hero in a few sections.

The contacts section wraps all the information with social media links, address, and a microsite. This web design inspiration is ideal for a primary school website as it’s visually amusing and colorful.

5. Bow Valley College

Bow Valley College websiteBow Valley College has a different header from the ones we’ve seen so far. Here the copy is the hero and a CTA to direct you further. This layout is minimalist yet informative.

Further on, you find a grid layout for their resources, blogs, and stories. Bow Valley College uses a data representation technique to give you access to their centers and schools.

This website has many full-width sections that make the testimonial section and for additional information. Another layout is the zig-zag layout they follow to introduce their campus.

The contact page has all their services listed and schools and centers they offer. Address with a map makes it easier for you to locate it.

6. Putney High School

Putney High School a web design inspiration for schools

Putney High School is a refined and well-executed web design inspiration for schools and colleges. The logo and navigation bar are in the center. It follows you throughout the website as you scroll.

Since the navigation bar travels with you, you can check them whenever you want. If you hover on them, a drop-down box opens with the information.

Image sliders on their homepage have text boxes for quick FAQs. Otherwise, their website has articles and credentials that add to the reputation of the institution. These are in a collage format.

The contact page is a purple box with contact details, directions, and CTAs. This web design inspiration is an excellent example of using your brand’s colors.

8. Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Kellogg School of Management

The Kellogg School of Management is a short and crisp educational website. This web design inspiration is for those who are looking for a to the point website.

It has full-width headers followed by a grid for the academic programs. These take up very little space and come with the Learn More option. Next is a strip for posting upcoming events and updates.

A standout section is their research and faculty section with blogs and publications. The contact page is as simple as it gets. Divided by faint lines, information is easily accessible.

9. The New School

The New School website

The New School is the perfect example of how effective typography can be. Throughout the website, the typography is big and bold. They are the backbone of the pictures on the site.

This web design inspiration uses solid colors for their backgrounds and lay pictures and copies on them. Some photos are overlapping, and some spread out. It’s a versatile layout and unconventional.

10.Ocean School

Ocean School a Web Design Inspiration

The Ocean School website takes the top spot in terms of UX design. If you look carefully, a few elements on the page seem to move. The header is no regular image; the water is running.

The full-width images are the life of this website. Every section on the site has a picture with a text overlay on the empty spaces. It is just beautiful how the site manages to keep you engaged.

This website has minimal text, but they are to the point and have attractive CTAs. Images and their effects are the essences of this site. It is a web design inspiration worth trying.

11. International Grammar School

International Grammar School website design

The International Grammar School is another short and crisp educational website. The navigation bar has the menu, contact details, and the search option.

The website has full-width image sections and white background with text alternatively. This technique adds structure to the site and brings a clean feel.

Testimonials and experiences feature in the white parts. The contact page is also very convenient with phone numbers and social media links.

12. Porto Business School

Porto Business School

This web design inspiration is a simple and modern take on educational websites. It has a catchy header background with a text overlay. And an arrow to guide you further.

The navigation bar is on the top left of your screen. Porto Business School displays its Programs in a grid layout below the header. Following is a strip for updates and information.

To conclude the site, they have a subscription box for their newsletter. On the other side are the contact details and other links.

13.Manhattan School of Music

Manhattan School of Music a Web Design Inspiration for an art school

The Manhattan School of Music is a web design inspiration with impressive images and structure. The navigation bar is at the top for easy access and visibility.

Just hovering over the items in the menu bar will open drop-down boxes. The header is the usual featured image layout. An exciting feature on their website is their performance display grid.

Unlike regular thumbnails, when you hover on one, the entire grid takes that single image. This effect adds a pleasing visual experience. Such techniques improve the user experience.

This web design inspiration uses brand colors well. You can see the prominent colors used throughout the website.

14. Manipal University

Manipal University website

Manipal University in India is a sort after institute. For a renowned university, effective web design is crucial. Manipal achieves the balance between layout and information.

It has a featured image header and text overlay. The next section is its academic programs. This web design inspiration uses sliders to present its International collaborations.  Other parts of the site include the news and events at the sidebars.

This web design inspiration has alumni stories in a grid layout. The following are the contact details and a CTA to know more. There is also an arrow that takes you back up to the menu bar.

15. Amity University

Amity University Official WebsiteAmity University is also one of the most reputed universities in India. Their website thus needs to be impressive and informative.

The header is a featured image, but the text overlay is left-aligned. So far, we’ve seen text overlays in the center. The menu bar has drop-down boxes to lead you further and a highlighted CTA.

Furthermore, the site gives you sliders to view their different campuses. The Find A Course box is undoubtedly a standout. Student Life, Work, etc. are showcased in a grid layout.

Lastly, the contact section has all the menu options for you to browse. They also have the University’s app link, easy to download.


Among all the web design inspirations we chose, some features appeared time and again. You need to have an attractive header. Headers can be videos or featured images or even a simple design.

Usually, the header has some text or a CTA. Since there is a lot of information to access, use visual techniques to represent them. The more interactive and engaging your website looks, the more inviting it seems.

Your educational website should be accessible and easy to browse. Keep navigation simple and readable. The search option is an added value as it eases the visitor’s efforts.

Students and parents put effort into searching for the perfect school/college. And your well-designed informative website will make it a worthwhile experience.

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